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fknsyd drops enthralling electronic mixtape 'Taste.test'

fknsyd seems to be changing the tides of what an electronic artist sonically represents. Her delicate and melodically flowing approach to writing soft and more stripped back EDM single is something truly refreshing and different, and it has seen her rise to some stature over the past 12-18 months. Overtly raising eyebrows at first, fknsyd has now become one of the most streamed female EDM artists in the world, and she has just dropped her first mixtape; a 9 track body of work for her fans to sink their teeth into.

Dynamic from start to finish, her floaty and atmospheric vocals continue to stand out from the crowd, where she almost whispers and creates a whole new world amongst the electronic production. 'I Wanna Be Your Girl' is the primary example, where she really introduces pop-woven melodies, whereas 'First Thing in the Morning' delves into a more indie-pop sphere, with a light electronic dubbing executed perfectly once more.

'Taste.test' showcases the full breadth of fknsyd's musicianship, transcending her into a multi-genre blending artist that fans of EDM, pop, and commercialised music lovers will be infatuated by. Check it out now.

Stream 'Taste.test' in full here:


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