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FLEX FINDS - 10th February 2023

Leon Seti - ‘Lullaby’

After turning out a rich and varied array of gems over the last few years, emerging artist Leon Seti now looks to showcase his newest album ‘Grimoire’ with this riveting alt-pop delight.

YOUNG JIMMY - ‘Pull Up To The Party’

Known for his broad and adventurous approach to both sound and production over the last few years, fast-rising artist YOUNG JIMMY brings back more of that distinctive direction on this blistering new jam.

Mareeka - ‘Give It To Me’

Following on from the release of her highly-praised debut single ‘Voices’ in recent months, German artist Mareeka returns once again to offer up her bold and soaring pop-rock-inspired follow-up.

Resilience - ‘Slide Out’

With his eagerly-awaited new album ‘Big Don Dada’ set to arrive in the near future, emerging rapper Resilience is keeping our appetites thoroughly whet with this bright and energetic drill-inspired belter.

Jesse Slack - ‘Oughta Be Outlawed’

With a rich and passionate reputation for soaring country-inspired anthems, Canadian singer-songwriter Jesse Slack is looking to continue his upward ascent on this vibrant new belter.


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