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FLEX FINDS - 13th January 2023

Yana Rose - ‘Tainted Heart’

Having already built up a strong and devout following with a run of releases throughout last year, captivating newcomer Yana Rose now looks to showcase her debut EP ‘Another Missed Sunset’ with this pulsing alt-pop stunner.

CAS - ‘Kiss Me Seperate’

After recently releasing his highly-praised debut album ‘Lackluster’ in recent months, emerging artist CAS is now looking to showcase his latest collection with this warm and heartfelt new offering.

Saint Celebrity - ‘True Say’

With their breakthrough debut single ‘Shy’ firmly marking them as ones to watch over the coming months, Bristol-based outfit Saint Celebrity return to the fold with this fresh and euphoric indie-pop delight.

Ghostluvme - ‘Hydro’

Having already cemented himself with a glorious run of releases throughout the last few years, Florida-based rapper Ghostluvme is back to his best once again with this vibrant hip-hop belter.

LOVESBLIND - ‘levitate’

With a strong and confident sound that looks to mix alt-pop aesthetics with a driven rock direction, Iowa’s LOVEBLIND continue their shimmering pursuit for new ideas on this explosive new release.

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