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FLEX FINDS - 16th September 2022

Rob Lea – ‘Freak’

After building a reputation for bold and energetic pop-rock gems these last few months, fast-rising artist Rob Lea returns with another heady blast of bold and vibrant melodies.

Ocna – ‘Because’

With their previous singles ‘Can’t’ and ‘When’ establishing them as a fresh and alluring name on the rise right now, Brighton-based outfit Ocna continue their upward ascent on this dreamy new delight.

JaVill – ‘Water’

With their initial efforts ‘Monsoon’ and ‘Lifted’ earning them a slot on Ireland’s national TV station RTE 1 in recent months, emerging outfit JaVill are back once again with another wonderfully alluring release.

Keeper – ‘ISPY’

Despite a flurry within the post hardcore scene earlier in his career, fast-rising artist Keeper has blended his initial influences with a hyper-pop edge on this bouncing new offering.

IKONIK – ‘Believe’

Known for their bold and blistering energy across their New York homeland, emerging outfit IKONIK are back to their best once again on this riveting alt-rock belter.


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