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FLEX FINDS - 19th January 2024

Updated: Jan 25

Free Hamze - ‘Revolutionary Trap$tarz’

After recently returning with his highly-praised offering ‘FREETAPE 3: Survival of the Realest’, Lebanese rapper Free Hamze continues the support for his latest collection with this progressive hip-hop-inspired outing.

Buu E. Radley - ‘Round We Go’

Following up the stellar response to his much-loved LP ‘The Mockingbird’ in recent weeks, US rapper Buu E. Radley is back to highlight one of the record’s more impactful efforts.

MARG - ‘5am Wasted’

After the soaring response to her highly-praised studio album ‘I Found Love (In Myself)’ last year, Chinese-American artist MARG is back to her vibrant best once again on this pulsing alt-pop stunner.

SARIKA - ‘Nightrunner’

Following on from a stunning array of releases throughout last year, Boston-based singer-songwriter SARIKA is looking to kick off her 2024 in style with this warm and inviting new delight.

Anastasia Solay - ‘Start A Fire’

Having already cemented herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise in recent years, Swiss artist Anastasia Solay returns once again to deliver this broad and atmospheric new release.



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