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FLEX FINDS - 19th May 2023

Trees Speak - ‘Mind Maze’

After cementing themselves as a bold and innovative name on the scene with a run of enticing full-lengths under their belt already, electronic duo Trees Speak showcase their new album ‘Mind Maze’ with its vibrant title-track.

David Read - ‘Cormac’

Having already established himself as a shimmering artist on the rise right now, producer David Read recently released his eagerly-awaited new EP ‘In That Blue’, featuring this pulsing new offering.

Baby Got Back Talk - ‘Opposite Of Imposter Syndrome’

After projecting themselves as a bright and soaring outfit growing on the scene today, fast-rising outfit Baby Got Back Talk get us ready for summer with this fun and upbeat pop-rock belter.

Chris Hart - ‘RUN’

As an artist that is always looking for fresh and innovative ideas in which to explore, Atlanta-based artist Chris Hart returns to the fold once again with this energetic indie-pop delight.

Thit Lin - ‘Drama Queen’

After gaining enormous praise for her glittering efforts these last few years, Berlin-based Danish artist Thit Lin now looks to preview her new EP with this rich and sweeping dream-pop stunner.



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