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FLEX FINDS - 20th January 2023

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

SK-47 - ‘It Was Me’

After spending the last few years building up his reputation for fresh and driven drill-inspired anthems, London-based rapper SK-47 showcases his new self-titled EP with this pulsing new release.

God Body Bingo - ‘Everybody Loves Bingo’

After breaking through with his highly-praised debut album ‘OFF THE BOOKS’ in 2021, Houston-based rapper God Body Bingo continues his upward ascent on this breezy hip-hop gem.

Lucas - ‘Good Times’

With a flurry of much-loved offerings under his belt over the last few years, fast-rising rapper Lucas is back on the grind once again with this fresh and hypnotic new delight.

Floyd Zion - ‘Belly’

Having already cemented himself as one of the more diverse names on the rise right now, emerging artist Floyd Zion now continues the support for his next EP ‘Pink By Floyd’ with this dreamy new effort.

NXCRE - ‘Indigo’

Fresh off the back of his highly-praised studio album ‘Twisted’ last year, New York-based artist NXCRE is now looking to preview his next LP ‘Fean Is War’ with this thunderous alt-rock belter.


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