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FLEX FINDS - 2nd December 2022

Evie Asio – ‘Love Is Low’

After cementing herself with a flurry of rich and dynamic releases, fast-rising artist Evie Asio has now released her eagerly-awaited new album ‘Contending & Contention’, showcased by this dreamy new delight.

Jonathan Roy – ‘Stay In Bed’

Having already clocked up hundreds of thousands of streams for his impressive gems these last few years, emerging artist Jonathan Roy is back to his captivating ways on this sweeping new stunner.

Kkenji x TROE – ‘EMMM’

After breaking out separately with a breadth of dynamic offerings, producer Kkenji and rapper TROE now come together to preview their new joint EP with this breezy hip-hop groove.

Tyrin – ‘What It Costed’

Following his 2020 LP ‘Moodswings’ and recent comeback single ‘It’s All Alright’, Brooklyn-based artist Tyrin is looking to continue his upward ascent on this fresh and upbeat new jam.

Emblem3 – ‘Rush’

Having recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their breakout hit ‘Sunset Blvd’, California-based trio Emblem3 are still very much on top of their game as they drop this explosive new pop-rock belter.



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