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FLEX FINDS - 8th September 2023

Tyrin - ‘What It Feels Like’

Having already set himself up as one of the more innovative names doing the rounds in recent months, fast-rising artist Tyrin isn’t slowing down just yet as he returns with this wonderfully smooth and alluring new offering.

Fourth Born - ‘About Happiness’

After a run of incredibly impressive releases these last few months, emerging singer-songwriter Fourth Born continues the support for his forthcoming new album ‘Heartbreak Retreat’ with this shimmering acoustic-led serenade.

Hazel Bloom - ‘growing pains’

Following on from the release of his highly-praised collection ‘Who I Thought I Wanted To Be’ earlier this year, US artist Hazel Bloom is back once again to deliver this rich and immersive slice of pop-rock gold.

Matt’s Keys - ‘I Won’t Forget’

After cementing himself as a bright and inventive name on the rise with his recent gems, emerging pianist Matt’s Keys is back to continue his vibrant ascent with this sweeping new delight.

Fear Of Water - ‘Codependent Parasites’

With a sound that has already garnered huge praise and acclaim these last few years, emerging artist Fear Of Water is back at it once again on this bold and thunderous alt-rock belter.

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