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FLEX Presents: In The Zone Vol. 001 w/ VKZ

FLEX is here to combat the negativity being spread around right now with a brand new, curated playlist series from some of our favorite artists. We’re calling it In The Zone, and our goal is to cure any stress or anxiety you might be having through the power of music.

Our first featured artist to curate a Caribbean-inspired sonic journey for you is none other than Nicaraguan producer VKZ

Currently in his 2020 project “twelf.” run, as diverse and contrasting as fire and water, VKZ (pronounced ~vics~) will surely have you feeling some type of way with his music. Be it dancing to his groovy and funky productions, or up close and personal with his songwriting, there is truly no way to box up this eclectic artist. Even more, you’ll get to enjoy the unique musical creations in between this crazy range.

Check out VKZ’s curated playlist below for Vol. 001 of In The Zone. Enjoy!

FLEX Presents: In The Zone Vol. 001 featuring VKZ


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