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Foley return with new EP 'Vacation' featuring 'Anything Before You'

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Foley are pop’s most exciting new duo. With their five-track EP ‘Vacation’ having hit shores last week, stand-out single ‘Anything Before You’ looks set to be the sound of the summertime.

Boasting an irresistible groove that was born to dance to, Foley, made up of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, borrows from funk, disco and R&B to create the jubilant rhythm. A dominant bass line captures the listener from the very first note, whilst Ash’s ethereal vocals are a lush, breezy addition to the pulsating beat. Elaborating on the song’s inspiration, Foley explain, “Anything Before You was a chance to check ourselves and affirm what we were both feeling - that it’s OK to feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel like your life has been reorientated with someone else. As much as there’s power in being confident by yourself, there’s definitely power in accepting someone else and it’s reassuring to embrace that new reality for no reason other than the fact it makes you feel good”.

Formed off the back of a close-knit friendship, Foley became a band in 2017, their quirky aesthetics and vibrant sound inspired by their experiences as 20-somethings. ‘Vacation’ is their sophomore EP, and after a string of success from their previous releases, with ‘Talk About It’ and ‘Can’t Help The Way’ both reaching over a million streams respectively, it is a highly anticipated offering from the pair.

Bursting with a youthful and exuberant flair, Foley look set to be this year’s most promising breakthrough.

Listen to 'Anything Before You' here:



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