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Francis La Lune releases signature sounding new single "Reasons"

Francis La Lune has already received a fantastic welcome to the music industry. His infectious debut "Home" was a heartwarming offering that introduced us to his unique and signature sound, leaving us in anticipation for more. La Lune first bought his music to the UK when moving over to study at Abbey Road’s School of Music Production. Throughout his time here, he managed to gain an infamous reputation within the London live circuit.

La Lune is back with a new single entitled "Reasons." The track is an infectious offering that will be sure to musically entice listeners in. "Reasons" features a colourful blend of chorus-soaked guitars, thrashing drums and divine backing vocals. On top, Francis's vocals grace the track softly whilst creating an impact - a vocal tone that works hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the single, he says: “The main and only reason why I got a driving license was because I grew up wanting to be able to pack and drive away at any minute. Escapism was always dear to me. Having a gate-away car was going to be my window to the world. Against a reality of indifference and normality, a reality that always had to pose the question "why", this song stands as a big "why not?". You don't need reasons to be happy, just get out and do your thing, as when you learn to live on your own, you'll always be free.”

With infectious tunes and a brilliant live show, we can't wait to see where he takes this.

Upcoming Live Date:

Supporting The Year in Pictures at The Finsbury, Saturday 25th February. Free tickets available here.



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