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Freya Beer and Tom Saint collab on dreamy alt-pop single 'Honeymoon Eyes'

Electro pop seems to be making even bigger waves in 2022, and London based artist Freya Beer has been at the forefront of it. Her dark brooding brand of alt-pop has taken shape once more in fierce new single 'Honeymoon Eyes'. Hooking up with indie singer-songwriter Tom Saint, the duo compliment each other extensively throughout this lusciously catchy pop infused track.

Stream 'Honeymoon Eyes' here:

Beer describes her music as 'Gothic-Disco' and you can certainly all aspects of this being the case. The almost trap beat brings a dance like atmosphere to proceedings alongside Freya's luring vocals which pull you in immediately and don't let go. Saint brings his energy in the chorus and works harmoniously with Freya in what we hope isn't the last we hear of this alt-pop combination. Check it out now.


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