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Gabby B and Mikaila Murphy Bring an "Earthquake" to the Traditional Music Industry

Social media superstars Gabby B and Mikaila Murphy have joined artistic forces with their single, "Earthquake." The track, an electric song that straddles the line between pop and hip-hop, is the perfect example of the power of TikTok personalities have in the mainstream

music industry. Both Gabby and Mikaila are revolutionizing the idea of what a tradition pop star is.

"Earthquake" has a funk beat, and infectious harmonies, both of which are portrayed in the track's energetic music video. With 3.5 million and 15 million TikTok followers respectively,

Gabby B and Mikaila have independently solidified their place as musicians, dancers, and actresses - the true triple-threat stars we rarely see these days. Gabby B has shared stages with major names like Flo Rida and Ja Rule, and Mikaila’s viral choreography has made her an internet staple.

We sat down with the two stars to discuss everything from the track's inception, to what we can expect next in their exciting careers.


FLEX: "Earthquake" is such a catchy track What was production like, and how did you decide on the perfect beat?

Gabby B: The style of beat we used contained a lot of elements of Brazilian Funk. Being from Brazil, I love this style of music because it’s something that I can dance to all the time, and I grew up listening to it. My producer Joe Lopez (aka Mr. Hit Record) created the beat previously in case I wanted to use it on a future project, but this ended up being the perfect one for it!

Mikaila: Joe came with a beat already made! I was talking about how fun it would be to record on a Brazilian beat that I could twerk to (because I cannot rap, haha) and he showed me earthquake’s beat and I instantly knew we had to record to it! My producer friends, Sam

Watson and Nashad were also in town that week from Michigan so they helped come up with a lot of the lyrics for earthquake!

F: You met and recorded this track on the same day! What was that process like?

G: It was super fun getting to know Mikaila during the whole process while recording

this song. For me it was much different than my normal studio session where it’s just me

recording, but I loved it! We took turns recording different parts of the song, and when we

weren’t recording, we worked together on the lyrics with the help of Zho Davis.

M: The process was insane! Gabby and I developed a friendship so quickly, it’s like I had

known her for years! That made the song creation process super easy!

F: Since you come from the social media world, how has that influenced your experience entering the mainstream music industry?

G: I actually began my music career before I started really using social media like I do

now. The two worlds are so similar now that they go hand in hand. It’s important to me that my projects have elements that also go well with what I do on social media, so I keep that in mind when making a song.

M: It’s easy to stay up to date on what’s trending now, so we’re able to make music

based on what we think can go viral!

F: "Earthquake" is the perfect song to play in the club. How did it influence your choreography decisions in the music video?

G: Choreography is EVERYTHING for me in my music videos. I knew we had to have

multiple sets as well as a final breakdown scene. The beat to this song made it super simple to do what we do best and shake it!

M: We definitely wanted it to be super fun and upbeat!! We needed the moves to match

the song! Something that would make everyone want to get up and dance with us!

F: The video itself is on par with those from the biggest pop stars out there. Did you get any creative in the process, and what was it like?

G: We got super creative with this project. We wanted the video to show that we are

earthquake goddesses that just landed on the planet, and that we are taking over! Everything from the custom bras to the special effects was planned because we wanted this to be really unique.

M: I personally always need to incorporate my dancing!! The song is definitely a song

based on women’s confidence and loving their genuine authentic selves, so that definitely

called for sexiness, dancing, and twerking!! So it was fun to include that into the visual!

F: What can we look forward to for both artists?

G: Definitely look out for more music, I have a few upcoming projects that I’m super

excited for! I’m also planning on touring a few different locations to do some performances.

Make sure to check out my website at for my new CD, book, updates, and

other merch!

M: I just launched butt pillows, so definitely check those out! I have more music on the

way, I’m specifically excited to release a Christmas track because that’s my favorite time of

year! I have some secrets too, but you’ll have to wait to find out! You can follow my journey on

all social media platforms @mikailadancer.

"Earthquake" is available on all streaming platforms today.



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