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Gary Dranow continues the charge on 'Floating Away'

After what has been an already electrifying run of form these last few months, it almost feels as if Gary Dranow couldn't do anything to slow his ascent down. And with the last few releases focusing on his rock credentials, he now looks to take a more sombre approach on the sweeping new single 'Floating Away'.

Capturing a brighter and more illuminating direction for his newest release, he showcases a broader range of his musical ambitions here. With a pop-focused aesthetic that perfectly compliments his more heartfelt vocal performance, 'Floating Away' sees him break from the mould but still captivate throughout.

Things have certainly been busy for Dranow of late, but 'Floating Away' is another prime example of the diversity within his sound. Brimming with a sense of hope and tender emotions, he continues to charge into our peripheral with something completely unignorable.

Enjoy 'Floating Away' below.



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