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Gary Dranow unleashes his powerful new single 'Bedroom Mentor'

Having only just returned in 2024 with his much-loved comeback effort 'Jimi's Song', US artist Gary Dranow is wasting no time in getting his new year underway as he drops the powerful new single 'Bedroom Mentor'.

While 'Jimi's Song' was a far more emotive and tentative release, this new outing sees him unleash some of his most anthemic and brutal energy to date. Conjuring some rich and riveting riffs that perfectly heighten his impactful voice throughout, 'Bedroom Mentor' will go down as one of his more captivating and unbridled releases yet.

His 2023 certainly brought plenty of praise and acclaim his way, but Gary Dranow is already feeling like an artist with far more innovative ideas up his sleeve than we originally thought. Effervescent and compelling in equal measure, 'Bedroom Mentor' is one to crack out on full volume, pounding your fists throughout.

Enjoy 'Bedroom Mentor' below.

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