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Genre-bending artist-producer Pageant Boys releases latest offering '2 Much Luv'

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Taken from Pageant Boys' forthcoming album 'Haunted', the new diverse single is called '2 Much Luv' and it's a serious adventure through realms of different genres. Using glitched instrumentation and warped electronica to morph its sound into something quite cinematic, the atmospheric releases refuses to be limited to one wheelhouse. Musically enchanting with a vivid soundscape, the lyrical content features hidden metaphors that will leave you speechless.

Detailing how too much love can be destructive, we always hear musicians sing about how love helps the world turn around - but it's not always rose-tinted. Immersive and easily one of the strongest contenders of new music today, Friday the 13th is usually granted as an unlucky day, but it feels lucky now that this track is out for us to enjoy.

Speaking about the upcoming album 'Haunted', Alexander Sheppard, aka the mind behind Pageant Boys says, “The problem I encountered in the writing and recording process was never writer’s block. The album was in a finished state for years, but I was unsatisfied with it. It took me years to be able to learn the skills that allowed me to reproduce the internal versions of the songs externally.”


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