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Gilska drops melancholic yet carefree number "Up Till 5"

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Promising talent Gilska contemplates being addicted to the escapism offered by partying on melancholic house track “Up Till 5,” which blends catchy rhythms with her husky vocals.

Rooted in a minimal yet texture production of layers of piano and synths, the track gives off moody and mysterious vibes offset by observational lyricism.

The London-born, Sri Lankan-origin rising act crafts an enticing yet down-to-earth tale of chasing fleeting highs only to be hit by numbing lows once the rush of partying fades.

Speaking of the track, she says,“The song is about having a slight addiction to partying to get that dopamine rush to feel something, but slowly realising night after night it’s not working. How the lights, the drinks, and even the music sucks you in and you always end up feeling that same numbness after a temporary high but you keep on dancing anyway.”

Classically trained and with music in her DNA through her grandfather – a pop star in Sri Lanka in his youth – Gilska whose foray into music began aged nine has honed a soulful musicality wrapped in mature song writing, ethereal vocals and a magnetic presence that have helped find a space for herself in pop music.

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