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Greek Experimental Pop Artist IOTA PHI Shares Stunning New Video For 'Wide Awake (C Dorian)'

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Greek Art Pop artist IOTA PHI has put out a whole host of stunning material since bursting onto the scene with the hypnotic debut 'Kids Of Chaos' 4 years ago. Returning once again and showcasing the entrancing new single 'Wide Awake (C Dorian)' accompanied by another breathtaking video, IOTA PHI offers yet another exciting look at her highly anticipated upcoming debut album 'Homo Pauperis'.

Offering a unique mix of Electronic music, Dance and Pop, ‘Wide Awake (C Dorian)’ is a musical journey through the solo artists varied influences. Opening with a huge analogue synth the single soon bursts into life introducing muted electronic beats and IOTA's stylistic reverb soaked vocal delivery. As the track floats to it's understated chorus, a rep itched vocal is introduced before the track develops into a high pace four to the floor and develops into what can best be described as a high octane, atmospheric House tune. Such is this development that it's hard to place this track as any one genre as it instead moves fluidly between Ambient-Pop and IDM with consummate ease and this is what makes the track so special and so unique.

Loosing talking about the message behind the track, IOTA PHI asks:“What you wish you had done when that time comes. Give life? Read the dreams of humans? Find yourself in the arms of a volcano? Maybe you can do it now.”

Watching the stunning new video below:

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