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Hana Piranha shines on her captivating new album 'Wingspan'

Ever since she first emerged, Brighton's Hana Piranha has been seen as one of the more innovative names on the progressive alt-rock scene. With her previous LP 'Wednesday's Child' proving one of her most impactful outings of her career to date, she is now looking to build upon those positive foundations as she returns with her captivating new album 'Wingspan', a record brimming with wondrous textures throughout.

Adopting more of that broad and atmospheric aura she has been pushing these last few years, her newest collection marks another vibrant step forward in her musical evolution to date. With her warm yet powerful voice spread across a dynamic and diverse run of anthems from beginning to end, 'Wingspan' feels like she is heading in a larger and more adventurous direction once again.

These last few years have certainly been a great time for her to explore new angles within her sound, and 'Wingspan' is the confident end result of those ingenuitive ambitions. Oozing with eccentric spectacle and progressive songwriting throughout, Hana Piranha continues to shine as a wondrous addition to today's new music arena.

Enjoy 'Wingspan' below.



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