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Havannah showcases infectious new sound in debut single "Hope It Hurts"

Havanah’s musical journey started in 2019, and since then she's developed a signature and infectious sound. Her music manages to blend old and new together, with Amy Winehouse, Royal Blood and Jeff Buckley all to be found within her music. She's graced the stage at venues such as The Sunflower Lounge, The Flapper and the 02 Institute in Birmingham.

Havanah is showcasing her unique sound in her debut single "Hope It Hurts." Thrashing drums, driving bass lines and irresistible vocal melodies all merge together to create an enchanting offering that will be sure to immerse you. Lyrically, the track is emotionally-penned and empowering.

Speaking about the track, she says: “'Hope It Hurts' is about finding the strength within to stand up for yourself when you feel that someone is treating you as though you’re a fool, or as if you are below them. This song is from the perspective of someone who’s had enough of being treated that way and feels that it’s time for a change.

With an infamous live show and a anthemic sound, we cannot wait to see where she'll take this.



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