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& Announce shows for 2023!

British punk rock group Hell’s Ditch are back with their brand-new single ‘Take The Night Off’ which is out now via Silent Cult Records. Born and raised in the urban sprawls of the Northwest and Midlands, Hell’s Ditch are setting a course to spark a new rebellion on our shores.

Their new single ‘Take The Night Off’ comes as the cost of living in the UK soars and wages fall ever further behind. The single draws focus on working-class aspirations at a time when a desire for real change is palpable. With industrial action rife, and growing discourse around the widening wealth gap, 'Take The Night Off' discusses the need for both fair compensation and respect.

Check out the official music video right here:

"We're made to feel lucky that we have a job and that we should be grateful for the opportunity to fight over scraps from the tables of the political class. People deserve more than just the bare minimum - we deserve dignity and good quality of life. Take The Night Off is about the need to live a life beyond the daily grind. Bread and roses, if you will. The video is a visual snapshot of Lincoln, our home. But it could really be any city in the UK. It shows someone at a crossroads wanting to break away from the monotony and hardship of their everyday life and express themselves.”- Vocalist Nick Davis.

To coincide with the release of their new music video the band are delighted to announce a string of live date across the UK in 2023. The shows will see Hell’s Ditch hit the road in February and stop of in London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Peterborough.

Follow Hell's Ditch right here:



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