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  • Paul Riley

Hip-Hop Newcomer VTA Unveils Infectious New Single “The Weekend”

Hip-hop/rap newcomer VTA has unveiled his remarkable debut single and perfect summer anthem, “The Weekend”. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, VTA makes a huge first impression, with the debut track boasting a throwback old-school sounding hip-hop production and showcasing VTA’s smooth cadence, infectious melodies and sharp lyricism. It may be his first release, but his talent is on full display, and it’s clear the emerging rapper has a huge future ahead. The track is boosted further by its vibrant music video (directed by @jay.cray) filmed in Pattaya, Thailand.

The song and visuals focus on appreciating the weekend after the turmoil of a hard week. Elaborating further, VTA says, "Coming from struggle in Western Sydney, and having experienced much of life's ups and downs, ‘The Weekend’ was inspired by different experiences, in particular the street life and enjoying the weekend with good company and feeling on top of the world after a hard week. The idea was to bring a vibey but hard track to encompass the street in a way everyone can enjoy, musically and visually."

“The Weekend” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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