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Icelandic duo Pale Moon shine on their captivating new single 'Spaghetti'

When Icelandic duo Pale Moon released their stunning debut album 'Lemon Street' last year, it was the culmination of many years of self-discovery and innovation within their work. And with their comeback single 'Dopamine' continuing to impress near the end of 2022, they return once again with their captivating new offering 'Spaghetti'.

Much like what their output has shown us already, their newest effort is a wonderfully smooth and alluring return to form for the pair. With its light and airy textures honing more of that vibrant dream-pop direction they have been developing over the years, 'Spaghetti' sees them make their eagerly-awaited return with style and aplomb throughout.

While they have always been known for their rich and passionate ideals over the years, 'Spaghetti' still makes for a beautifully immersive listen from start to finish. They may have been taking a longer break than normal lately, but Pale Moon are finally back and ready to dazzle us once again.

Enjoy 'Spaghetti' below.

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