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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Antwon is a rapping pioneer who has been making waves in the rapping world for the past decade and beyond. After a short hiatus in 2021, he has now returned with his tenth (yes, tenth) solo project 'Blasian'. An immediately captivating and aggressively fuelled rap infused album, Antwon continues to make himself known among the very best with his unique flow and production alongside. His traditional hip-hop sensibilities come to the fore once again with standout tracks being 'Peanut Butter Smoothie', 'Domeshot', and 'Half Black and Asian'.

We caught up with this highly impressive and articulate individual exclusively for FLEX, and this is what he said:

'Blasian' is your 10th project, what keeps you motivated to keep on writing and creating?

I gotta be honest I really quit rapping daily. Rap is so over saturated. Not in a generalising “I think its bad” way either it's just there is so much to listen to which is great so many styles so much great music thats breaking boundaries and rewriting the book it seems like playing that release date game and everything isn’t as special when everyone is dropping that day. I don't want to come off like I’m bitter or anything about the over saturation. I just know things like rap its a young peoples game. I'm not like trying to be an old head or trying to pretend to be young i just am me. I do what I know now. I used to really want to be current but for the wrong reasons. Now I want to give you that feeling. That timeless feeling that last for years and brings in new fans. I love that I might someday be considered a legacy artist. Someday. Fuck it though I come from the school of ego. So if someone put a tiny bit of gas in my tank or a triple a battery in my back I’m talking major shit. On me. I'm talking my shit cuz I really been wanting to rap since i was 12 and now being 35 I think I can still bang em over the head.

What inspired 'Blasian'?

People who think because you are mixed you have to pick sides. There's always this 'you're mixed' thing but pick a side are you black or are you filipino. My mother who I was mostly raised by didn’t teach me Tagalog growing up she had her reasons but in the eyes of other Filipinos not born in America I was looked down upon mostly because I was half black and I didn’t speak our native language so i felt a bit left out as a kid. All my life i felt like i was on my own shit i was very much an outsider. I hung out with everyone no matter what. I was cool with everyone who was cool with me. This album to mean is really putting it down for the black and asians out there that don’t need to choose sides no more. If you blasiatic then let's get this fucking money - here's the soundtrack.

How was the recording and writing process?

So for recording I just kept my shit set up at all times ready to go and I just did my daily whatever shit I be doing at the house. I really gotta be in a good silly mood and the endorphins flow I'll get hype or a very in the dark I feel like I'll never get out of this dark place mood and that’s the best time to record for me. People smoke weed or drink to get in the mood. There was a time I thought I needed the same thing but honestly knowing myself now I maybe need some coffee and i need to work out a bit. Peoples process is different so its best to jus learn what works best. I remember when I recorded with peep he got a lil flask of Jack Daniels honey whiskey to give him a tiny buzz and we split it.

Any track that stands out as a favourite, or does it change day by day?

I always loves cheat code because to me the its an ANTWON SONG i set it up to sound like something dark and deep to get you in the mood and I just keep throwing little funny lines in to throw you off. I feel like that's my style. It can't be too serious.

Peanut butter smoothie was also very cool. I sent the best out to someone and they didn’t understand it. I love beats like that not a real straight 16 the snare is the only thing changing and then the beat drops and the sample plays its true rap surgery my favourite.

How would you describe your music to first time listeners?

A fun experience? I have no clue how to base the experience of listening to my music in anyway. Like if I were to explain who I was in one word I truly could not I just don’t fit into one category, I don’t care to fit in and maybe that has always been me at one point I kinda felt brainwashed to fit in musically but the industry is fake. People say that a lot but it's so true. It makes for a real disconnect with musicians and their art. I want to know my fans and I think it’s important to try and talk to them at least. This is that holler at me music I feel like I’m the mayor and I’m just reporting live from ground zero.

And lastly, what are Antwon's plans for 2022?

I don't want to jinx anything because I quit music every day but past 2022 I'm not going no where.

Listen to 'Blasian' in full here:

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