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CAS, a multi genre blending artist hailing from dropped infectious and unique alt-pop single 'Kiss Me Separate' as part of his debut album 'Lackluster' last year, and we simply had to get to know more about this highly interesting character. From John Mayer to Drake, CAS seems to possess a multitude of genres and a soft, swooning vocal that immediately demands your attention. We sat down with CAS to learn more about him and what makes him tick, exclusively for FLEX:

Hey CAS, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing?

Yerrr how ya doing flex! Hope ya well, halloween weekend was full of chaos so I'm spending this week not drinking lol

Please tell us all about your new single 'Kiss Me Separate'?

- Kiss me separate is a story about divorce and how I perceived it when I was 3 years old, I’ve always dealt with the repercussions of being a child of divorce. Like trust issues, lack of intimacy and struggles with connection with people.

You’re a producer and songwriter, so what was the recording and writing process like for this single?

- all of the songs off the album were done within a day, I don’t mean to rush anything but I do think its important to get out ALL the emotions tied into the song in that moment even down to the way you sing it could be different day by day. This one I took a sample of me singing in a previous song and looped it to create a synth, structured out the song and just started singing melodies. I never really know what I'm gonna sing about but it’ll come after I lay down the references!

This is a part of your debut record! How do you feel about it?

- this whole record was a therapy session for me, it was all the emotions id been keeping built up and I could finally just let them out. Lackluster is all about being ok with not being okay, I didn’t want to end it on a happy note because sometimes in life it just doesn’t go that way.

Who are your biggest influences as an artist

I grew up on blues music, big on delta blues and bb king

I also love guns n roses, king krule, joji I feel like they all have raw emotion in creation

And lastly, what's next for CAS? Any live shows planned?

We're focused on throwing our own shows right now, renting out places that aren’t traditionally venue spaces and throwing shows. Like a baseball stadium or nascar track or skate park!

Listen to 'Kiss Me Separate' here:

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