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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

When you first hear the sounds and sonics of Eddie Moore, you will be immediately calmed and assured. The accomplished pianist and producer has created simply beautiful jazz infused music over the years, and reaches to the soul with every note he plays. He's recently released new single 'A New Me, A New You', which is only his third release in total, and it is a simply breathtaking exploration into jazz and so much more. We sat down with him to chat all things Eddie Moore, new music and plans for the future:

Hey Eddie, how are you doing today?

"Flex" I am good, it's a sunny day in Kansas City, a good day to get on the rollerblades.

Your range of sonics is so versatile being both a pianist and a producer, how did this come about?

I guess my versatility as a keyboardist comes from always being a student of Improvised Music. So many tones and styles to familiarize myself with from Joe Zawinul to Chic Corea, Prince, etc. As Producer I have always admired greatly produced records from many different genres. Since Covid, it really gave me the opportunity to step back and experiment more with my approach to songwriting. Both as keyboardist, and just an artist period.

Your new single 'New Me, New You' is so finely tuned, what inspired the creation of this track?

"A New Me, A New You" comes out of the positivity in wanting to be your own person. Truly accepting yourself, looking around and appreciating the work and progress made. This to me has morning vibes all day, a cup of coffee, a good meditation session, with a stretch. The flow of the guitar, piano, and drums bring this feeling of natural consistency. Hopefully this inspires others to feel good about being their more positive self, in a world that wants to tear you down.

Listen to 'A New Me, A New You' here:

Who are your biggest influences?

Some of my biggest influences go back to Miles Davis, Monk, The Neptunes, Chrisitan "aTunde Adjuah, Rage Against the Machine, Timberland, and Erykah Badu.

Your diversity and inclusiveness as an artist really shines through, who did you collaborate with on this release?

This release is mostly self produced and recorded at Tribe Studios right here in KC. I collaborated with the amazing Tim Ogutu who brought the acoustic guitar melody to life. For the mix and tweaking of sonics I love working with the incomparable Rick Carson out of Make Believe Studios. All of this is brought to the world by way of the amazing team at Creative Solutions by Create Digital Music.

And lastly, what can we next expect from Eddie Moore?

I think the listeners can expect a diverse immersive sound where the journey is always different. This new record has something for everyone to just enjoy life to. Rather in the car, at breakfast, or in the doctor's office my goal is to let the positive vibes move you to forget about your troubles and dream.


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