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Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Israeli composer Itay Amram takes a very beautiful approach to music composition. Crafting an unusual mixture of westernised instruments with electronica and endless patches, Amram creates a soundscape of textural sounds that have never been heard before. He uses modernised production techniques to write scores and soundtracks for films that are mesmerising to say the least.

His album 'Like Me' is 12 tracks which take you through the journey of the same titled film, full of delicate and expressive sounds that fully showcase Amram's limitless ability. We sat down with him to talk about the soundtrack, how he created it and much, much more exclusively for FLEX.

Hey Itay, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing?

Your debut album is here! How are you feeling about your first record?

I'm very happy with the result, I've listened to it countless times by now in any of its stages, and it still moves me. I've evolved so much from this project, especially from composing in different genres, and now I'm excited to share it and hear how others feel about it.

What does ‘Like Me’ mean to you, what do you want others to feel when listening to it?

The album and the film 'Like Me' deal with bringing your true self to the light, questioning norms, facing your fears, and striving to live an authentic life. The tracks in the album are sorted by the story, carrying the audience through a jumble of emotions such as longing, depression, nostalgia, euphoria, anger, anxiety, comfort, numbness, and passion. I hope that will evoke the audiences' own experiences.

Stream 'Like Me' in full here:

With it being a soundtrack album, it feels very cinematic and empowering. What was the recording process like for it?

The first cue I wrote was Bike Rides because it features the main melodic theme. Then I assembled a palette of thematic sounds by processing vocals, guitars, and violins, and creating customised synths patches, guided but what evokes in me the hero's inner conflict.

Any current favourite track from the album right now?

My favourite track is Reaching the Fantasy, written for the moment that the hero's sexual fantasy that felt unreachable comes true. I find the sounds interesting and expressive, and I like how they convey passion and exposure.

The digital elements you have created throughout really are beautiful, was that one of the most fun parts about scoring this piece of work?

Creating sounds is one of the most fun parts and the film allowed me to explore the craft of hybrid sound and make digital synths to complete organic instruments.

Thanks for joining us, any final words?

I'd like to thank Gelo Hau for the strings, mixing, and mastering of the album, and Yuval Lavi for the additional music and mixing of the score. It's been so much fun and I'm excited about releasing it and moving on to the next project.

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