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Juice Falls were formed in Indianapolis over ten years ago, and are a close knit group who exhibit that nostalgic grungy emo-rock sound that a part of all have a soft spot for. Their new single 'Lake Side Drive' feels like their most accomplished piece of work yet, experimenting with new synth sounds alongside their offering and a brilliant video to match.

We caught up with the band for FLEX and asked them some questions all about the newly refined single, their influences and plans for the year ahead. Check it out below!

Hey Juice Falls, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing?

Hey, thank you! We are stoked to be connecting with FLEX! We are doing great, how are you?

Describe your music for our readers please?

Our music has something for everyone. A mix of 90s grunge rhythm guitars, 80s space leads and synths, and large powerful room-shaking drums and bass with harmonising vocals. We don’t like to put our music in a box, we just write what we feel and hope people like it!

Who are your main influences?

We all listen to a wide range of music and our influences span wildly - we all bring something different. Our favourite bands and influences in common include:

The Cure, Third Eye Blind, Turnover, among others.

Your music seems to bring back those nostalgic 2000s pop punk days, is this the

music you aspire to make?

Well it’s definitely a big part of what inspires our music, but we wouldn’t say it’s what we aspire toward. We don’t necessarily try to make music of a certain era, we’d rather be our favourite band. For us, it's about making music we love and combining our favourite genres and sounds. Trying new things and mixing different influences to make something that represents us. Each of our songs has its own feel, and that makes writing more fresh and interesting.

Tell us all about your song 'Lake Side Drive'

LSD is more about a feeling and an energy, as opposed to being about a specific moment in time. It’s about being in awe of someone and wanting to share with them who you truly are, and the fear that comes with that level of honesty. Wanting your truth and passion to pull someone near to you, and not send them away.

Beyond all those deep metaphors, it’s just a fun song! It’s collectively one of our favourite songs we’ve released to-date, and it was a fun song to write. It was one of those rare instances of a song coming together organically during practice one day - it just felt natural. We feel like LSD is a great representation of who we are as a band.

What was the inspiration behind the video?

For this video, we really wanted to create sort of an 80s slasher film vibe - the classic “summer night at the lake gone bloody” kinda thing. The Lake Side Drive video is a continuation of our horror-themed series of videos using our “Violet Eyes'' characters. We always love when bands do elaborate story driven music videos, so this is us trying our hands at it. We created these characters to serve as recurring monsters in a series of horror-themed videos - the LSD video is our most recent installment of that series. We’re all big horror movie fans and enjoy the process of creating art in all forms of media; this video was a fun project that allowed us to incorporate all of these factors. We try to write music videos that seem interesting and that are fun to create, and this was definitely one of those videos. Aaron Lindaur was great to work with and very receptive to our vision, and he did an amazing job of bringing it to fruition.

And lastly, what's next for Juice Falls?

We aren’t totally sure yet, a lot of possibilities are open to us right now! We are releasing new music soon, whether or not it will be an EP or just a single right now is unclear. We’ve got more music videos planned for the future, and we’re actively continuing to write new material as well. We’re also actively scheduling shows around Indianapolis and working on planning a small tour for late 2022.

Stream 'Lake Side Drive' here:


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