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Toronto based newcomer LOR fuses dark-pop production with bold yet vulnerable lyricism and smooth RnB influences to create a unique and current sound that’s both personally authentic and widely relatable. She arrives on the scene with her stunning debut single 'Used To'.

Based in Toronto, LOR turned to music and songwriting as means of catharsis, finding that a healthy, creative outlet helped her overcome and understand difficult and emotional situations.

We spoke to her new about her first release as an artist, and reflecting on the release of her 'Used To'.


What is it about 'Used To' that made you want to make it your debut single?

'Used To' is a really meaningful song to me. It was the first song I ever recorded in a studio and it just made sense to debut the beginning of my music journey with everyone.

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write?

I'm constantly writing, no matter the mood but honestly it’s sometimes easier when I’m dealing with a certain personal situation because the inspiration can just pour out naturally.

How was the recording and writing process for 'Used To'?

It was all very organic which was cool. I was heartbroken during the time we were making the song and it came out pretty quick. Before recording “Used To” I had never stepped foot into a studio before, so it was a little scary hearing myself like that at first. But because what I was feeling was so raw it came out in a really honest way that just felt right. I also recorded it with two very talented singers. One of which is my producer (SLWJMZ) and Nevon Sinclair who helped with the song's vocal production. Having them in the studio made the process super comfortable was really cool.

What was the inspiration behind the music video for it?

It came from my own real lived relationship experiences! I wanted to recreate a raw visual of the highs and lows of what it felt like being in a toxic cycle with someone you love but keeps breaking your heart.

What’s the music scene like where you live?

The music scene in Toronto is amazing. Since I started doing music I've met so many talented people and built a real community and team. There are so many people here doing such amazing things. I'm so excited to start playing shows again now that things are opening up.

Check out the equally stunning video for 'Used To' here:


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