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West London born Musician, Studio Engineer & Video Creator LVTee is well-versed in the creation of bangers. Now harnessing his array of talents and returning with new September release ‘Get With Me’, LVTee is reminding hip hop lovers that variety and energy remain key words in his vocabulary.

We sat with LVTee to learn all about him and what makes him tick, in this exclusive interview for FLEX:

Hey LVTee, welcome to FLEX How are you?

I'm doing great! I just released my latest single "Get With Me" with its Red visuals and I'm buzzing now that everyone gets to see and hear it.

Could you describe your sound & style for any of our readers who may not have heard of you before?

I'd describe my sound as a unique blend of Urban Hip Hop, R&B and Afroswing. However, you can find all kinds of different genres in my tracklists!

Tell us about your colour coded visuals, they’re certainly eye-catching. How did you land on that concept?

In the summer 2020, now infamous vodka brand AU Vodka had just released their first flavoured vodka "Grape" in purple. I saw this on their Instagram (back when their page only had around 20K followers) and arranged a deal with them over email where if I made the theme of my next music video based on their new product, they would help promote the video on their socials.

So I did this, and when I did - I fell in love with the process of making a colour themed video! I was amazed with how it looked when completed. I therefore decided to continue with the colour themes on my future releases so that it would be easier to catch the attention of new audiences.

Give us a fun fact about yourself we can’t find from Google/social media!

Interestingly I never did anything music related throughout all of my education! At college I studied Maths, Physics & Economics, and then went on to University where I achieved a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Tell us all about your new single ‘Get With Me’

Over summer while listening to other music being released in the UK hip hop industry, I felt like there was something missing. A track that had a happy uplifting feel, but also an urban vibe that could be played at a party. I then found what I was looking for with the bright bumpy instrumental of 'Get With Me' paired with the catchy repetition used in the lyrics in its chorus.

To accompany the track, I've released my new Red themed music video which includes a customised official Red London Bus, something I've never seen done in any other music video before! This can be seen on my own brand new Youtube channel.

Tell us a bit about your creative process when it comes to writing and production

When it comes to making a new song, it's all about the feel of the beat for me. I can go through hundreds of instrumentals and not make a song out of any of them, but then there will be one that I hear that instantly stimulates a chorus in my head.

I then focus my attention on bringing these sounds to life in my own home studio, and if I love the track enough, I'll accompany it with a special set of visuals to release on Youtube.

Who or what influences your sound?

I don't have anyone or anything specific that influences my sound. I believe my style is a blend of all the small things that I love to hear from all difference genres, since I listen to all kinds of music.

For example; I love the energy that UK rap brings, but also the smooth vocals of old school R&B. I love the upbeat feel of urban hip hop, but also the bouncy instrumentals of afrobeats. I feel my sound is a combination of all of these together.

Lastly, what can fans expect from LVTee next?

Well one thing's for certain, you can expect a 5th installation in the LVTee Colour Series! Whether it is blue, pink or orange - there will be another colour themed release in 2023 that will be most definitely be my best yet.

As for music itself, I am currently in the process of branching out into different genres. It won't be long until I release a single which may be even be a Pop-House track, something I've not yet dived into!

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