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Red Valley Nursery are a grunge rock four piece hailing from Baltimore. Influenced by psychradelica and heavy rock that still speaks to the masses, they bring a real rock 'n' roll package, full of deep, catchy riffs and just a cascade of screeching guitars and melodic vocals that stick. They've just releases their new record with stunning lead single and video 'Failure', so we sat down with them to learn all things Red Valley Nursery exclusively at FLEX.

How did Red Valley Nursery come together? And where did the name come from?

We met through the 98 Rock Baltimore music scene. Everyone played in different bands but we all knew of each other. We collaborated for some live events and found common ground in the music we enjoyed. One thing led to another and we started making noise together.

Steven: The name was a twist on a landscaping company I used to work for. I didn’t want to fuck with any of their web traffic so I swapped some words around and RVN was born. We always wanted something a bit odd so it worked well for us.

How do you feel about having your debut album out into the world?

It feels like having a third cock, ya know? Exhausting, sometimes terrifying, but in the end, satisfying.

But seriously, it was such a unique experience to capture together and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We worked endlessly on nailing the feel and sound with Drew Mazurek, who shined the teeth we wanted to display. Very proud to share it with everyone.

A lot of your discography has been kept to live shows and demos. What should new fans expect from your music?

Contained chaos. This is raw, dirty, and tasty. It really captures the blunt introduction we intended. If you like riffs and grooves, we got you.

There’s a lot of ‘90s grunge influence to the record. Is there a band from that era that you would want to hit the road with to tour the new album?

Shit…the list is long. Off the top of my head, The Melvins and Toadies are big ones for us. Bands like that are the equivalent of lighting in a bottle. Their live performances are fuckin fantastic and their albums are milestones for the rock world.

The holidays are around the corner and I think longtime fans are wondering if you’ll be bringing back the RVN advent calendar this year.

Potentially! We enjoyed doing it and have never been short on dumb ideas.

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