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Interview - Szarr

When Szarr, a multi-talented Swiss musician, started creating songs on an old guitar at age 11, he realized he had a passion for music. Since then, he has developed his abilities as a producer, composer, and performer while sharing his music and distinctive style with the globe. His cosmopolitan background, which included parents who are Balkan natives and who have traveled far, has had a significant impact on his music. His expertise has aided in his ability to blend genres and create a distinctively his own sound. He makes a comeback with his brand-new song, 'Ocean'. This flavorful tune from Szarr combines the pop and indie genres with touches of afro and reggaeton. We sat down with Szarr to discuss his music and much more. Here's what he had to say: Hey Szarr welcome to FLEX! How are you? Hey FLEX thank you for welcoming me. I am feeling pretty fine and excited to talk to you. Congratulations on your new single ‘Ocean’ - what inspired this particular track? Thank you so much. 'Ocean' is a love letter to the first love kind. It describes the feelings and rushes you get when you are around someone special. Interestingly, I wasn't inspired by a particular person for this song; it was the ocean itself. I remember sitting alone on a Mexican beach, watching the sunset, and feeling overwhelmed by the beauty around me. That moment ignited the inspiration for the song.

And do you have to be in a certain mood to write? I don’t have to be in a certain mood. Each mood is connected to an emotion, and music is a storytelling medium for emotions. So I would be at the studio and accept the mood I’m in, the emotion that I feel in that moment, and see what unfolds or where it takes me. Really cool question. How was the recording and writing process? I wrote that song pretty fast. I produced first the beat and I tried to catch that sunset summer vibe, with the drums and the melody in it. I knew I wanted organic drums inspired by Mexico and Colombia because I was backpacking at the moment. Later back home, I was crafting the melodic parts. Then I added the lyrics and recorded the vocals and I was pretty happy vibing to it. The song takes me back to that moment and I hope it transports listeners to their own special places by the sea. For viewers who don’t know Szarr, how would you describe your sound? I would say my sound is a mix of electro-pop influenced by the sounds of multicultural backgrounds. I love to take modern tunes and combine them with some sounds from all around the world. I grew up with a multicultural background and my music is influenced by that. And what are some of those activities that you engage yourself in when you aren't writing or recording in the studio? If I am not at the studio or writing, you find me backpacking out in the world. I have a profound fascination with different cultures, their people, and, of course, their music. Additionally, I'm drawn to nature; you might catch me climbing or surfing. Being in nature fuels my creativity and keeps me connected to the world around me.

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