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Taylor Sackson is a country oriented singer-songstress who creates blissfully melancholic music with a classic rock underbelly. Her new single 'Liz' seems to perfectly encapsulate everything she is about, going from epic country rock to sumptuous and ambient alt-pop all in one glorious package. We sat down with the now LA based songwriter to learn more about her, the new single and the other exciting things she has in store, exclusively for FLEX.


Hey Taylor, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing today?

So good! Even better now, happy to be here.

You really branch into the country pop-rock world, who are your biggest influences?

I was raised on practically every genre, so my writing is heavily inspired by scattered taste. Some of that includes, Brandi Carslile, Fleetwood Mac, Big Thief, Alice In Chains, The Beach Boys, and so many more - I could keep going for way too long! Pinegrove is my favourite band of all time.

Tell us about your new single ‘Liz’, we love it!

Liz is a relief that I have been craving for a large portion of my life, and it means the world you love it! It’s a poem originally written by my aunt whom I am so close with. Similar to me, she had a best friend pass too young - and we both needed words for this grief. I really feel like I was put on this planet to help people find words to things and feelings that are bigger than us. Releasing this song was an attempt at relieving others from feeling alone in a confusing time.

The songwriting in ‘Liz’ is so delicate and poignant, what inspired this song’s creation?

This song is a collaboration of people deep in grief, and all have a long road ahead of navigating that. Its dynamic is really inspired by the constant battle going on in my head and wishing even fond memories could both go away and stay forever.

What do you love most about this song?

There’s so many things I’m proud of in this song! I wrote the melody and structure in about twenty minutes after a long day. I think it oozes with authenticity due to that. Also, that slide guitar and harmony combo? Unmatched.

‘Liz’ feels very John Mayer ‘Paradise Valley’ vibes for us, with the vocal arrangement and sumptuous guitar playing, is he an influence of yours?

He is brilliant, however, I prefer him in Dead and Company! Haha.

What do you want listeners to take away from ‘Liz’?

I want listeners to release a sigh of relief when they finish listening to Liz. Brains are weird, thank goodness we don’t have to feel alone in life’s navigation.

And finally, any live shows planned for 2023? Please plug them here for our readers to see!

I have shows all over LA throughout the year! My instagram and website are great ways to stay up to date on all of those as they arise!

Stream 'Liz' here:

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