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INTRODUCING Alt Rock Duo ODEONS With Huge New Anthem 'Not The One'.

ODEONS are an internationally established duo with the vision to be musically limitless but always relevant in the global music sphere. Having formed in 2020 the duo stylistically empowers modern pop music with organic alternative rock elements.

In ‘Not The One’ ODEONS team up with A Perfect Circle’s very own Jeff Friedl who played drums on the track while Robert Fisher (Nirvana artwork artist) created the cover art.

“The concept of "Not The One" is an emotional successor to the narrative established in the previous single "Allowed to Fall". When you have been at your weakest and ultimately found your grace in surrendering to the greater mystery of life, your journey to true empowerment can begin. True empowerment and self-realization are rare things, but truly powerful ones,” explains ODEONS.

ODEONS have gained international praise for their songwriting and production skills and have already worked with established artists like Sylvia Massy, Joey Djia, Jeff Friedl and have many more in the pipeline.

The duo brings a fresh and exciting spin into Pop Rock by being free of age-old genre limitations. Whether you love mainstream Pop, or your heart belongs to alternative rock - You should feel right at home with ODEONS.

Stream 'Not The One' Right Here.

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