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Ishani offers up her influential soulful trip-hop sound in 'Powertripp'

Ishani is a songwriter and producer who possesses a different sonic approach to most. Her soulful vocals alongside a trip-hop backdrop with melancholic production makes for a standout offering, honing in on an electronic underbelly too. Her new single 'Powertripp' is everything aforementioned combined, and takes you to several different places within minutes.

A dark and brooding introduction, the trip-hop influence comes to play underneath Ishani's dreamy vocals where it's just synth, percussion and her. The song then builds and transcends into a much bigger and grander exploration, and it's highly invigorating to listen to. The switch is simply breathtaking, and 'Powertripp' certainly showcases everything Ishani is about; which is en empowering dosage of electronic alt-pop that hits you instantaneously.

Stream 'Powertripp' here:


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