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Produced by ex-Live Prodigy Drummer KIERON PEPPER, All Bandcamp Proceeds Will be Donated to Video Game Charity Safe In Our world.

UK Video Game Publisher, Wired Productions has launched a new label, Black Razor Records. Their debut release is a 4 track EP from IVAR & THE HORDE, entitled ‘Arcade Paradise’ - a stand alone release of the 1993 video game’s main theme. All proceeds via sales on Bandcamp will be donated to Safe In Our World - a video game x mental health charity whose mission is to create and foster mental health awareness within the video game industry.

The Arcade Paradise EP is a collaboration between writers - Kieron Pepper (ex-live Prodigy drummer 1997-2007), Ben Pickersgill (Brighton based co-producer [Klax, Critical]), and singer Stu Brootal (Ivar & The Horde). The charity EP features a recently released video game of the same name, developed by award-winning independent studio, Nosebleed Interactive. The titular song finds hope in expressing the notion that many find themselves under immense pressure and have to juggle everyday responsibilities with challenging personal relationships. Intense, emotive and full of monstrous riffs, ‘Arcade Paradise’ captures an explosive energy conveying a feeling of stress and anger evocative of the feelings many people encounter on a daily basis. Musically akin to the likes of Rage Against The Machine, the band’s sound possesses all the hallmarks of a group ready to break-out on a mass scale.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions and founder of Safe In Our World explains:

“I hope gamers and music fans alike appreciate the song’s message and how the money it raises will contribute to the great work that Safe In Our World does. Music has always been in the DNA of Wired Productions, so setting up a music label is a natural step for us. As we are independent we choose the projects we work on, so our first release combines our favourite things… video games, great music and supporting a video game mental health charity close to our hearts… because we can!”

The extended play is made up of four versions of the song - facilitating collaboration with some exciting names. The second track is an electronic edit featuring Glen Nicholls a.k.a Future Funk Squad, who has remixed the likes of Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Sia and The Crystal Method. After working with mutual friends - Kieron Pepper and Stu Brootal, on various past projects, Glen got commissioned to do a reworking of the Arcade Paradise theme.

From his south coast studio Glen recalls:

I got this very excited call from Kieron describing the story of the game and era in which it is set; and for me being involved heavily in big beat and breakbeat production still today after cutting my teeth in the early 90s, it was a great opportunity to dig deep into the electro influences that inspired me 30 years ago...

Today marks the thirty year anniversary of the Prodigy's 1992 debut album, and shines a light on new projects by the band's creative crew. To celebrate this renowned occasion in alternative music history, BBC Radio 6 will be hosting a Deep Dive Into The Prodigy Experience - hearing from artists throughout the day and focusing on the scenes, movements & music that inspired the seminal record. What’s your favourite track from The Prodigy Experience?

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