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From an assortment of locations across the US, indie-pop enthused 19 Miles Per Hour are set to release their new single, ‘CONTRADICTIONS’ September 2022. With the goal to unite using music, the quartet centralizes upon the notion that melodies have the power to make us feel like we are not alone in this world. Culturally relevant lyricism coupled with catchy yet passionate rhetoric, 19 Miles Per Hour hope to bring further awareness to conversations surrounding mental health.

‘CONTRADICTIONS’ is our cry for help. It's our cry for love and togetherness. We want this song to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to show love and acceptance towards everyone and anyone they come into contact with - 19 Miles Per Hour

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Congratulations on your release! ‘Contradictions’ is now available on all streaming platforms - How has your track been received so far? What sort of feedback have you received from friends, family and other musicians? Has the feedback been different?

Our track “Contradictions” has been received with so much love! People are loving, not only the song, but the message! Everyone is telling us how excited they are for the upcoming album “inner Thoughts” that comes out on October 1st!

With the song having a huge rhetoric surrounding mental health awareness, hope, and getting through hard times, what advice would you give to those who might be experiencing something similar?

I would say “KEEP GOING, reach out, and you aren’t alone !”. I hate saying “it gets better”, because that isn’t necessarily true. We all have to learn how to cope with our emotions and learn how to handle our mental health issues. Having struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, I’ve had to learn how to cope with those downs and feelings of loneliness. Honestly, I’m still learning! Life in general is a learning process, but you need to realize that you are not alone, and that the things you are feeling, other people feel that way too. We are all loved by people in our lives, even if you may not realize it. I was forced to reach out about my mental health after some experiences brought them into view to my family. After talking to my family, therapists, psychiatrists, etc. I’ve been blessed with an awesome support system. If you have reached out and don’t have that support yet, send our band a message on instagram @19miles_per_hour, or shoot @mikeyike10 a message and we’ll be happy to talk to you! If you’re spiritual too, you have someone “up there” that loves you and wants the best for you too.

On a lighter note! What has been your favorite aspect of the creative process when curating the track? What influences have you drawn from and whose music inspired 19 Miles Per Hour?

I think my favorite part about most of the creative process is seeing how the lyrics, melody, and instrumentation all come together at the end. Sure the lyrics carry meaning and emotion with them, but the melody and instrumentation of the song bring even more emotion and meaning to our music and this song specifically.

Being an influence in the gigging circuit, what live show has been your favorite and why? Where was it and what stuck with you after the event?

One of our all time favorites was when we played at Fork Fest in American Fork, UT in 2021. It was a huge music festival with a large, energetic crowd that was so supportive and loving towards us. Aside from that, our shows at the esteemed venue Velour in Provo,UT are always a blast. They are for sure one of our favorite venues we have ever played at and we are actually having our album release show there on October 1st for our album “Inner Thoughts”.

What was the last song you listened to? No cheating - if you opened your Spotify right now, what song is paused?

The last song I (Mikey) listened to was “Honest” by The Band CAMINO. They are definitely a huge inspiration for me!



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