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Jane N' The Jungle return with the powerful new single 'WASTELAND'

Photo: Jim Louvau

Ever since they started making waves in the wake of their highly-praised debut album 'Concrete Jungle' in 2019, Phoenix's Jane N' The Jungle have looked to cement themselves as one of the more vibrant names on the fledgling alt-rock scene of late. With a frenzy of euphoric anthems under their belt in the years since, they now return for 2023 to share their powerful new single 'WASTELAND'.

Arriving after an incredibly productive 2022, which also saw them drop their incredible EP 'Ocean Creatures', this new outing proves that they are still very much on top of their game. Bringing back another heady dose of rip-roaring guitar hooks and some brilliantly engaging vocals throughout, 'WASTELAND' stands as one of their most impressive cuts to date.

Adding about the new track, the band's Jordan White said, “Wasteland” is like the pit in your stomach you get when you know something is wrong and instead of leaving the situation you stay and it gets worse, and it becomes all you know.”

While they are still very much moving their sound ever forward, 'WASTELAND' is another vital reminder of just how tantalising they can be. Brimming with a raucous energy that very few can replicate, they are definitely one we will be adding to our radar for the months to come.

Enjoy 'WASTELAND' below.

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