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Jay Lewn drops new song '6 Figure Flow' ft. Kish

Hot U.K talent Jay Lewn releases first single ‘6 Figure Flow’ from upcoming 7 part project ‘Loverboy’.

The song instantly encapsulates the listener with a beat full of ambient synths and glistening production. Jays’s voice is the shining light of the track as it glides over the multi-layered beat and sets the tone for its entirety. The addition of a verse from Kish is a welcome change-up and one that works incredibly well for the overall sound.

Jay is already a well proven figure in the music industry having previously worked as a sound engineer for artists such as Gucci Mane and Beebadoobe, but is now making moves on his own as a singer/songwriter. His first EP ‘Form One’ was receptive to critical acclaim and was incredibly successful, and his newest project is set to hold the high standard most have come to expect.

Kish’s witty flow helps to accentuate the meaning behind the song and ties together with Jay’s lyrics to drive home the message intended. Speaking to this Jay explains, “we based the track on the idea of rolling round town with your mates like you own the place, being reckless and young, troubles going on but feeling free.”

Jay is set to release one track a month from his newest project after this release. Many will be waiting with great excitement.


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