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Jayd Ink releases sumptuous R&B single ‘Queen St’

Toronto based songstress Jayd Ink has been making waves in the R&B world. Possessing an effortless quality that oozes class and style, her swooning and smooth lyricism has caught the attention of many. Her global sound, rooted in hip-hop, reggae and dancehall, Ink channels these differing genres into a vintage and golden R&B offering that is sonically beautiful to listen to.

Once again shining through, her new single ‘Queen St’ is everything we can expect from and so much more. A track which production wise is as smooth as velvet from Los Hendrix, gives Jayd Ink the perfect stage to weave her perfectly intricate and soulful melodies. It’s chill-hop style beats paired with sultry tones, making for a soothing yet invigorating track that will calm you down and hook you from that very first second.

In the official music video, Jayd is flaunting and cruising around the streets of Toronto in what feels like the perfect visual aid for the royal R&B single ‘Queen St’. Check it out now.

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