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Jen Lush drops immersive new single “Lovers, Parting Dawn”

Hailing from Adelaide, singer-songwriter Jen Lush has brought her mix of dynamic, intimate and resolute sounds to the blueprint of a tender-fold song. Her storytelling and ability to create a folk-rock soundscape has helped her to depict the emotional journeys that she takes her listeners on. Jen has appeared with her band at festivals and venues throughout Australia and beyond, as well as seeing great success from her 2021 release “Let Loose The Beating Birds” - a project that commented on motherhood, suburban life and broader issues of our current times. It reached #11 on Three D’s top 100+1 for 2021, and won the ARBA Roots Album of the Year.

Her new offering, ‘Lovers Parting, Dawn’, is based on a piece by Australian poet Kevin Brophy, which she brings to life with soulful vocals, riotous guitars and playful drums. The track embodies the themes of love, loss, longing and the human experience whilst paying homage to a range of genres to help her create something irresistible. Melodies swirl around the listeners ears whilst dynamic textures keep you caged within the eye of the storm.

The single has been released in anticipation of her new album ‘Hum of the Mettle.’ Speaking about the album, she says: “This record came out of a commissioned project to create new songs around contemporary Australian poetry. It features the words of five of Australia’s leading published poets and crosses through the urban and desert terrain of South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia with poems that speak of love and desolation, loss and memory, the resilience of the country and the stories held within it […] The record blends vocals stark and spacious over sonorous acoustic and electric guitars, keys, bass, drums and percussion, with storytelling always at its center.

With the release of her album ‘Hum of the Mettle’ looming, 2023 is lined up to be a fundamental year for Jen Lush, one that allows her to continue to build on her previous successes and continue to hammer into our hearts.


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