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Joe Bygraves captivates on the soaring new single 'Someone Else'

Over the last few years, Bedford-based singer-songwriter Joe Bygraves has been steadily nurturing a rich and vibrant take on the pop-rock sound. With a flurry of dynamic delights under his belt already, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams in the process, he is now looking to continue that positive direction as he returns with his captivating new single 'Someone Else'.

Channelling the same anthemic feel as acts like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and local Bedford hero Tom Grennan, 'Someone Else' sees him pursue a brilliantly bold and riveting guise this time around. With its more tender moments slowly building into a raw and euphoric chorus as often as possible, he is looking to deliver one of his most impactful efforts to date here.

Although he has most definitely found a solid and driven aesthetic in which to call his own in recent years, there is something about 'Someone Else' that feels more refined and enigmatic in places. Despite its thunderous production from start to finish, it still has this heartwarming appeal at its core, showcasing the duality Bygraves has brought to his releases in recent years.

He may already be on his way to becoming a household name, but 'Someone Else' makes it feel like he is going to get there a little faster than even he originally thought.

Enjoy 'Someone Else' below.


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