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Joe Radio shares his tongue-in-cheek new single ‘Who Knew’

Joe Radio is blunt and playful on his new single ‘Who Knew’, delivering his rhythmic, old-school bars over a strong beat, enticing the listeners with amusing one-liners and witty takes in a way that pokes fun at both himself and his antagonists. Prepare to both laugh and groove along to Joe’s unique and infectious strain of hip-hop and hit repeat instantly.

Talking about the new track, Joe Radio shares: “This is actually the most fun I've had recording a track - I don't take myself too seriously, so it was great to jump on this and just vent!”

Joe Radio is a refreshing addition to the music scene and takes inspiration from the USA’s greats such as Childish Gambino and Mac Miller as well as classic hip-hop names. It’s impossible to say what Joe will do next but it’ll definitely be original.



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