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  • Alice Smith

Jon Anthony "BabyBoy" Offers Remembrance with Holiday Single, 'Another Lonely Christmas'

As the holiday season approaches, NYC-based artist Jon Anthony "BabyBoy" gifts us a soul-stirring melody with his latest single, 'Another Lonely Christmas.' From serenading subway commuters to becoming a rising star in R&B, Latin Bachata, and Pop, Jon Anthony showcases his dynamic musical style and heartfelt lyricism in this debut Christmas release.

'Another Lonely Christmas' isn't your typical festive tune; it delves into the bittersweet emotions of loss, heartbreak, and remembrance, sentiments that become more pronounced during the holiday season. Jon Anthony's soulful voice and emotive storytelling add a poignant touch, creating a song that resonates deeply with listeners.

The accompanying music video mirrors this sentiment beautifully with Anthony showcasing the importance of remembering and void lost loved ones leave in their family members lives. The video depicts a group of people holding up portraits of loved ones and candles. Jon Anthony explains the meaning behind the video further stating “The music video solidifies the story I  was focusing on. It really means a lot as a lot of the extras felt connected to the music video, I asked them to bring a frame or a picture of a loved one for the shoot whom they want to pay homage to as a sign of mourning and respect.” 

Jon Anthony's ability to seamlessly navigate various genres underscores his versatility as an artist. Supported by industry giants and backed by Carbon Fiber Music, Jon Anthony "BabyBoy" is on the verge of making a significant impact on the music scene. 'Another Lonely Christmas' is a testament to his range as an artist and offers an exciting prospect into what's next for the up-and-coming artist.



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