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  • Alice Smith

JonoJono Unveils the Intense Track 'Lies' from Upcoming Album 'Im cool.. I guess'

Dive into the captivating world of JonoJono, a Florida-born, Houston-raised artist, whose unique blend of RnB smoothness and electric grunge distortion sets him apart in the music scene. With influences ranging from Kurt Cobain to Frank Ocean, JonoJono defies labels and genres, believing that music should be an authentic expression, free from constraints.

Following the success of his last single "Consciousness," JonoJono is ready to unveil his latest creation, "Lies", from his upcoming album "Im cool.. I guess". The track is a whirlwind of emotions, taking listeners on a journey through confusion and betrayal, conveyed through a perfect balance of energy and melancholy.

The artist spent countless months perfecting the track, going through 33 different mixes before finding the right sound in the summer of 2023. His hard work has paid off, as the song delivers an immersive experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

Watch the visualizer below:

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