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Jorlov Drops Emotively Driven Track ‘LONG WAY FROM LONDON’

The 20-year-old is on a hot-streak over in Los Angeles, California as he continues to prove why he’s such an exciting emerging artist by releasing summer hit after summer hit.

‘LONG WAY FROM LONDON’ see’s Jorlov team up with notable producer Michael Fournier as he opens up with pure emotion about how his outlook on life has changed. We hear the undeniable passion in Jorlov’s lyrical delivery making this a track that listeners delve straight in to, losing themselves into Jorlov’s beautifully soulful vocals. The track explores isolating feelings from Jorlov’s past and even opens up with a sample of New Years Eve in London which was taken from the same year that Jorlov was born.

“This song is all about being shut off from the world around you. More literally it's about feeling far away from home which I think a lot of people will relate to.”, Explains Jorlov “At the time I was getting over someone so naturally I was writing sad songs, I just didn't feel myself and started thinking about when I lived back home in England when I was younger and how different my entire outlook on life was.”

Although still incredibly young his impressive career to date has seen an abundance of praise. Having done all this at just the age of 20 years old makes Jorlov such an exciting artist to keep an eye on for 2021 and the future.




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