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Josh Tepper delivers the wondrous acapella version of his latest single 'Guide Me Meron'

While the last few years have certainly been a progressive time for Josh Tepper, his recent single 'Guide Me Meron' proved to be one of his most impactful to date. And so after its glorious response, the New Yorker has now looked to highlight its most important element as he delivers the acapella rendition of his newest gem.

Taking out all of the original track's vibrant production and leaving just his voice behind is obviously a risky move, but the power and conviction in his vocals make this a wonderfully warm and wondrous listening experience. With the emphasis of the song now on its spiritual lyrics and prose, he manages to sweep us away all over again on this humbled new outing.

'Guide Me Meron' was one of our favourite new discoveries from recent months, and this new acapella version brings back all of those captivating memories once again. With such an enticing texture to his vocals from start to finish, Josh Tepper is certainly someone we are very interested for in the years ahead as well.



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