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Judd Releases Soothing Indie Track "Disappear"

L.A.-based acoustic singer-songwriter Judd has just released his stripped down track "Disappear". The single bears Judd’s notably honest songwriting, dissecting the helpless feeling when the person you love has been beaten up by the day and you want to allow them an escape from reality. His guitar-driven ballad could easily be likened to the music of John Mayer or James Bay.

Judd’s timeless rasp, confessional angst, and roots in South Philly and NYC make it no surprise that he’s collaborated with powerhouses like Kanye West and John Legend. We sat down with the musician to discuss the meaning behind "Disappear," his intriguing career, and what to expect from him in the future.

Flex: What inspired the stripped back nature of this track? Was it a change from what you usually record?

Judd: When I went to write "Disappear", I was patently obsessed with John Mayer’s “Continuum” and Sam Cooke’s “Night Beat”, recurring obsessions that never seem to go away. Most of what I release tends to be more produced with a much bigger sound; I wanted to know what it felt like to not rely on that for a change. It’s frightening to put something out that places your voice so front and center.

F: The bending of genres in "Disappear" is what makes it work so well --- who are your biggest influences across genres?

J: I know it’s a tired cliche to say, “I listen to everything”, but in a day’s time I’ll likely have listened to Elliott Smith’s “Say Yes”, a Nicholas Britell score, and the first five tracks off OK Go’s incredible “Oh No”. I’m a sucker for a unique voice though, there’s something about Paolo Nutini’s gravel that always stops me in my tracks. And I distinctly remember hearing Labrinth’s “Mount Everest” for the first time, I still don’t understand how that much talent is allowed to exist in one magical human.

F: You mentioned writing for and with other artists before. What has it been like writing on your own, and for your own projects?

J: Writing for other artists is like the grown-up version of playing make believe, you get to inhabit someone else’s soul for a little and create through their eyes. Writing for yourself, however, is at the same time freeing and terrifying — everything you want to say is colored with your own imperfections and past experiences. This whole EP is my first chance to tell a love story, as ugly and exposing and unaltered as I can.

F: Where did you get inspiration for the track's topic from? What was the songwriting process like?

J: I’ve always wanted to love someone so deeply that their sadness immediately becomes your own. When I wrote “Disappear”, I was writing about a relationship I aspired to have but hadn’t found yet. I just pictured a moment where the person you love walks through the door beaten down by the day, wishing they could just run away from the world. And for the rest of the night, everything is an attempt to do just that — hiding under an avalanche of blankets watching Notting Hill until the weight of the day lightens up.

F: Are you planning any releases in the future or live shows?

J: I have two more songs left to release on this EP, both continuing the theme of wishing I was a better version of myself for the person I adore. “Disappear” is the project’s tender little love letter, the next song is what it’s like to love someone when you know they deserve a little bit more. I genuinely can’t wait to share it.

Listen to "Disappear" on all streaming platforms today!

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