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Jude the Obscure releases his Moments EP with new dreamy, jazz-fusion title track

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Adding to the seemingly never-ending pool of talent in Manchester, Jude the Obscure releases his highly anticipated EP 'Moments'. Vibrant and groove laden, it encapsulates everything there is to love about jazz-fusion. This release follows on from an already impressive body of work including 'Chapter 8', a neo jazz-rap anthem and playlist essential. Previous releases of Jude’s were released to a wave of enthusiastic reception from the likes of Stereofox, Mystic Sons and The most Radicalist, to name but a few.

Jude on the EP, 'Moments’ is about hard work; about overcoming the hurdles that life throws at you; about coming out on top in light of the hardships we face in our day to day lives. It’s an anthem of resilience and perseverance – surviving your early twenties with ambition, aspiration and sanity intact is no easy feat. One way or another, we all find ways to cope with what’s going on around us, now more than ever.”

Jude is set to become a staple of the new wave jazz genre with this swing-heavy and lyrically impassioned EP. It is a creation that invites jazz and hip-hop to work together in perfect synergy and is sure to secure himself as an important fixture of the genre.

Listen to the full EP below:



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